One Year Anniversary

Oh my goosh you guys, it’s been a YEAR! A whole entire YEAR! Wow wow wow did that fly by fast. And look how much we accomplished as a first time business. 1) We started with a concept 2) We hustled to make it happen. 3) We were able to help and partner with 5 non profits for the year and through art we were able to give back to our community and bring awareness towards Chicago’s Homeless through We then partnered with Warp Corp for our amazing Suicide Prevention Show. We raised money for Alzheimer’s Research, Cancer Research and Schizophrenia and Depression through the BBR Foundation. Ending the year we had one word that came to mind and that was GRATEFUL. Even for the hills and bumps, because we became stronger as a business. So much so that in our first year we were a nominee for Best Small Business in Bloomingdale through our local Bloomingdale Chamber of Commerce! Can I get a Kapow !?!? We’re a husband and wife on a mission to help others through art, while validating the talent of our community. Did we mention we have an amazing intern too? He’s the bees knees, so be sure to shout at him when you see him and tell him his graphics are on point for the Gallery! His name is John Geihsler if you want to be polite while shouting :) Enjoy some photos of our artists artwork that were represented for our Anniversary Show. I remembered this time to pick up my camera.

The Holiday Show

We had an amazing Holiday Show and thank you to all that came out and supported our artists. We had the biggest turn out yet and we were thrilled getting to see everyone’s faces! We were happy to be able to provide some customers with some amazing artwork as gifts for their loved ones. We counted and we think if our math was correct we had about 150 people come through out the evening, so many that we didn’t take any photos! Shame on us.

As always we appreciate YOU for supporting us as a new unique small business, and for our local artists.

Henna and Wellness 10.28.18

A heartfelt thank you to those who came to last night's Henna and Wellness Event held in the Gallery. POA highlighted two very special, talented individuals - HennaTonic and James Deans of MNDFLMTLS. We brought awareness to Mental Health through personal stories and how it affects and helps heal through the arts. We sipped warm Pumpkin Spice tea and their house blend provided by Nuovo Tea. Overall, it was a successful evening and we are proud to be donating a little over $400 to the Brain Behavioral Research Foundation. This organization puts 100% towards research on Depression and Schizophrenia. We took a moment last night to remind everyone to put their health first this holiday season, to slow down and be present a bit more, and to enjoy a life of wellness making a positive impact on those around us. Feeling grateful

Belief Becomes Photos

Such an amazing night we had here on Sept 7th for our show opening “Belief Becomes”. We featured artist Gabrielle Tufano, and many others. Here are a few photos from our successful night of mingling, selling and working the Art scene.

Featured below; Gabriel Guajardo of Them Bad Apples, Jeannail Carter, Compassion Artistry, and Kristin Ingram.

History of Sunday Funday

Hey Everyone,

It's Jeff (my name is Jeff). I'd like to tell you the tale of Sunday Funday here at POA.

When we opened in January I was working my regular M-F job and had softball-Dad responsibilities on Saturdays. Sunday would be my day to work the Gallery. I don't remember what Jenn had going on back in January, but she was busy every Sunday leaving me to hold it down solo. If we were going to market #SundayFunday I had better start making art. Luckily Jenn had given me a small canvas book and I already had some Krink paint markers. I would try to create abstract backgrounds that I could write on. Our friend Gus was coming by most Sunday's to work on his art and the two of us would try to wrangle people into the gallery. Once Jenn was there with us, we fell into a #SundayFunday groove of incredible people (shout out to Ricky) and incredible art. Giving people young and old canvas, brushes and paint did amazing things to cement the “peace” ideology of the gallery and we began connecting with all age groups.

Jenn and I would tear up on the car ride home most Sunday's thinking about the people we've met and their connection to our space. We feel blessed. I feel thankful because without the idea of art on a Sunday to bring people in, I don't think I would've started creating art on my own. I want to thank every single person we've met on a Sunday. Sorry if we had to yell and holler to get you in, but so thankful you chose to listen.

Photos from IMPACT;Inspire

What an amazing night, here are some of the photos caught ! Overall our night was inspirational (I cried when making my speech!) But it was great mingling, talking about our non profit Warp Corp and their mission to help young adult battle opioid addiction and suicide. We really put ourselves out there and let people know what the Gallery is all about, and what we stand for.

This show including 24 artists, 36 skateboards and a d.i.y attitude and punk rock playlist to boot!

New Location Grand Re Opening Event

Wow, wow, wow you guys. It's been one crazy month, but we did it. We really did it. My husband and I choose to relocate to a different wing in Stratford Square Mall you know, for some extra "elbow room". Our first Gallery location was 1000 square feet, but 500 of that was our storage. Now we are in this utterly amazing long suite that is PERFECT for events. We did a full remodel, we tore down the old tenants red vinyl, and painted the gray and black walls Moonmist and this amazing deep teal color. We tore up by hand 2400 sq ft of carpet that may or may not have been here 30 years by the print on it. LOL. But now this space is ready and it was so great to present it to all of our friends and family. We hope you had a GREAT time checking out the new artists and jewelry designers we consigned for our opening month. Check our social media, instagram in particular to follow each individual artist and see their work. We will be posting again photos from Friday night soon! Stay Tuned, and SAVE THE DATE for our next opening, September 7th from 6 pm to 9 pm.



What an amazing event. Truly blown away by the 100 people that squeezed into my tiny little gallery to see and support 24 artists that hand painted a skateboard. While we had boards for sale, what was important about this show was the fact that we had so many artists choose to auction off their boards for a good cause. Warp Corps is a local non profit that we chose to highlight for such an important reason. It's not everyday you find someone, let alone an organization that speaks to everything you wish you could do. Our youth, and our community are two top reasons we operate as a charitable gallery when we can. When I found Rob Mutert, founder of Warp Corps I just knew he was onto something. But like anyone, or any business he needed help. So David Ruff, my co curator and I brainstormed, and evolved from it was an amazing DIY style showcase paired with charity - opioid abuse and suicide prevention being our non profit's main focus. My heart smiled that night finally getting to meet the family that has this giant big creative heart. Not only were they down to earth, but they were genuine and all of their loved just radiated. Truly a pleasure! More to share soon. Stay tuned!

IMPACT;inspire Skate Deck Art Show and Charity Board Auction

Peace of Art Gallery presents: "IMPACT : inspire"

Skate Deck Art Show and Charity Board Auction


Opening on Saturday, June 9th from 6 pm to 9 pm

Exhibition remains on view until Monday, July 8th 

Peace of Art Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of new works and an installation of skate decks entitled "IMPACT:inspire". Over twenty artists across North America are participating in this showcase. With our mission as a positive impact art gallery we wanted to create a showcase that had a WOW factor, but would also spread an awareness of something that was happening right here in our state. When we came across Warp Corps, we knew we were a match as our minds and missions were aligned. We knew together we could create something beautiful out of this showcase, and ode to the skateboarding culture.

The opening night for this showcase will be June 9th from 6 pm to 9 pm, and for the first week artists will have chosen boards on silent auction via Ebay to raise funds to help Warp Corps succeed in their mission of "prevention through engagement". 

Warp Corps is a collective of activists working together to combat our nation's suicide and substance abuse epidemic based out of McHenry county. Through active engagement of each individuals organic passions, they believe that they can provide better opportunities for future generations. This collective engages our youth in art, music and leadership in a positive way showcasing self expression, health and leadership. By doing so they are helping keep our communities safe.

With suicide prevention and drug abuse on the rise, Peace of Art Gallery felt it necessary to bring to light a heavy topic through art. So we welcome you to come and check out all the painted skate decks and help spread awareness of suicide prevention and drug abuse.


Character Counts Coalition Color Run

I'll give five bucks if you can say that ten times as fast as you can! Character Counts Coalition Color Run in Camera Park! That's what the Gallery did today, and it was OH SO MUCH FUN! 

It was our first time being a sponsor, and we represented our Mall, Stratford Square. Over 100 people pledged and ran for something we felt was super important, and it's our morals as a business! Character Counts believes in being a caring, trustworthy citizen and helping others in our communities . And we believe being kind to strangers has a domino affect and can ultimately change someone's life!

With all the beautiful colors blending in the air, we couldn't not think of ART, so we joined as a sponsor. We were also lucky enough to be the recipient to the Grand Prize winner today who raised the most money for the Color Run and they will be receiving a private lesson on Fluid Art here in the Gallery.

We sold Fluid Art today by myself Jennifer Mroz, Kaitlin Wargo, Classic Jerf, Buzy Lizzy and Dills. It was a lot of fun explaining how Fluid Art is made, and who we were as a new small business in Bloomingdale. We managed to sell 2 paintings in the hour and a half that we were there, and raised $35 in donations for Cancer Research, a topic that hits home for the Gallery - plus we were able to tell a lot of people about next week's opening night reception, and our upcoming IMPACT : inspire Skate Deck show. Not to mention, our table was beside the sponsor Chick - fila, my favorite! 

Thank you to all who came out today, spoke with us, donated to us and to my artist and friend, Kaitlin Wargo who joined me to sell our work today!