We are tickled pink that you found us! Thanks for being curious about us and digging into our blog. We are a small team, a wife with her supportive husband set out on a mission to build a creative brigade of talented local artists. Together, we can make a difference through encouraging artists of all kinds to use their creativity for good. "Art for a Cause" if you will.  We showcase artists on rotation through our simple consignment contract. In turn for our small fees, we promote your work and talk you up on the gallery floor. 

Peace of Art Gallery is a brand spanking new small business located here in Bloomingdale, IL. We are located in the Northwest Sububs outside our windy city of Chicago inside Stratford Square Mall. You'll find twenty four foot marketing on the Upper Level pointing you in the right direction of the Gallery. But in case you miss it, we're on the Upper Level, across from Express, and adjacent to Victoria Secret.

Peace of Art Gallery, later referred to as POAG is a For Profit business with a strong emphasis on a Positive Impact. We plan to use our talents to bring together our community, spread awareness and share proceeds.