Henna and Wellness 10.28.18

A heartfelt thank you to those who came to last night's Henna and Wellness Event held in the Gallery. POA highlighted two very special, talented individuals - HennaTonic and James Deans of MNDFLMTLS. We brought awareness to Mental Health through personal stories and how it affects and helps heal through the arts. We sipped warm Pumpkin Spice tea and their house blend provided by Nuovo Tea. Overall, it was a successful evening and we are proud to be donating a little over $400 to the Brain Behavioral Research Foundation. This organization puts 100% towards research on Depression and Schizophrenia. We took a moment last night to remind everyone to put their health first this holiday season, to slow down and be present a bit more, and to enjoy a life of wellness making a positive impact on those around us. Feeling grateful