Art for a Cause -

Yesterday was AMAZING! Thank you to everyone who came out and supported our Local Artists painting live for our very first charity event "Art for a Cause". We painted in groups for the public to see, learn from and admire. We truly appreciate those artists that came and supported the Gallery and our choice charity. It was great to see each of the artists in their own environments, networking and engaging with our community and for such a powerful cause I might add.

The feature yesterday was - My husband and I have been donating for over two years to this non for profit so when I created Peace of Art Gallery I knew I wanted to do something to help out Ashley, the founder and to figure out how to get my hands involved in her cause. We spread the word for her, we told our patrons being Homeless isn't always a choice for a lot of us. To be kind, to remember each person is human, we all have unique stories to tell, take a minute to listen, and get involved somehow. That was the message we were shouting yesterday with our paintbrushes in hand. I invite you to please check out giveabox's website, see her story, and how she created her foundation.


Photo Credits : Chrisdyan Toledo and Ginger Peach Tree

Contributing Artists : Kaitlin Wargo, Kristin Ingram, Gustavo Madrigal, Mark Ivey and Faustino Franco.

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