Sunday FUNday's Here at POAG

Sundays are just the best here. We always have high traffic, families come in, and artists come to hang out and meet others. I honestly just love it. And as a new art mom (yes, I did, I nicknamed myself, because of all the proud feelings I get for these artists) nothing makes me more proud for artists to know that on Sunday's, they can come in and create, get advice, network and just see what other's are working on. Hats off to all the kiddo's too, when they whip out their phones to show me their artwork on social media, or bring in their sketch books just to show me what they can create - literally my heart smiles. I welcome it. Show off your creativity on Sundays here!

This is the work of Dills - also know as Mark! Mark is a frequent member to the gallery. He's made multiple donations to us whether it be stools, or tables - he's POAG's helper! He believes in what we are doing here, to create a safe judge free art zone. We appreciate that he adores us!Yesterday Dills came to hang out and paint with me for a handful of hours. I enjoyed the company and plus it's just fun to create with others, than it is to paint or draw solo. 

I whipped out my camera to photograph some of Mark's vivid and vibrant drawings on 11 x 14 pages. Mark will be showcasing his work and prints here in a couple of months so be on the look out for his work to be listed on our storefront where we post who are incoming artists. 

POAG accepts Sunday FUNday donations if materials are used to create anything for you to take home, or come back for to pick up :)

Thanks and don't forget to promote peace and follow us on Instagram and Twitter as Peace of Art Gallery. #promotepeace