IMPACT;inspire Skate Deck Art Show and Charity Board Auction

Peace of Art Gallery presents: "IMPACT : inspire"

Skate Deck Art Show and Charity Board Auction


Opening on Saturday, June 9th from 6 pm to 9 pm

Exhibition remains on view until Monday, July 8th 

Peace of Art Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of new works and an installation of skate decks entitled "IMPACT:inspire". Over twenty artists across North America are participating in this showcase. With our mission as a positive impact art gallery we wanted to create a showcase that had a WOW factor, but would also spread an awareness of something that was happening right here in our state. When we came across Warp Corps, we knew we were a match as our minds and missions were aligned. We knew together we could create something beautiful out of this showcase, and ode to the skateboarding culture.

The opening night for this showcase will be June 9th from 6 pm to 9 pm, and for the first week artists will have chosen boards on silent auction via Ebay to raise funds to help Warp Corps succeed in their mission of "prevention through engagement". 

Warp Corps is a collective of activists working together to combat our nation's suicide and substance abuse epidemic based out of McHenry county. Through active engagement of each individuals organic passions, they believe that they can provide better opportunities for future generations. This collective engages our youth in art, music and leadership in a positive way showcasing self expression, health and leadership. By doing so they are helping keep our communities safe.

With suicide prevention and drug abuse on the rise, Peace of Art Gallery felt it necessary to bring to light a heavy topic through art. So we welcome you to come and check out all the painted skate decks and help spread awareness of suicide prevention and drug abuse.