What an amazing event. Truly blown away by the 100 people that squeezed into my tiny little gallery to see and support 24 artists that hand painted a skateboard. While we had boards for sale, what was important about this show was the fact that we had so many artists choose to auction off their boards for a good cause. Warp Corps is a local non profit that we chose to highlight for such an important reason. It's not everyday you find someone, let alone an organization that speaks to everything you wish you could do. Our youth, and our community are two top reasons we operate as a charitable gallery when we can. When I found Rob Mutert, founder of Warp Corps I just knew he was onto something. But like anyone, or any business he needed help. So David Ruff, my co curator and I brainstormed, and evolved from it was an amazing DIY style showcase paired with charity - opioid abuse and suicide prevention being our non profit's main focus. My heart smiled that night finally getting to meet the family that has this giant big creative heart. Not only were they down to earth, but they were genuine and all of their loved just radiated. Truly a pleasure! More to share soon. Stay tuned!