History of Sunday Funday

Hey Everyone,

It's Jeff (my name is Jeff). I'd like to tell you the tale of Sunday Funday here at POA.

When we opened in January I was working my regular M-F job and had softball-Dad responsibilities on Saturdays. Sunday would be my day to work the Gallery. I don't remember what Jenn had going on back in January, but she was busy every Sunday leaving me to hold it down solo. If we were going to market #SundayFunday I had better start making art. Luckily Jenn had given me a small canvas book and I already had some Krink paint markers. I would try to create abstract backgrounds that I could write on. Our friend Gus was coming by most Sunday's to work on his art and the two of us would try to wrangle people into the gallery. Once Jenn was there with us, we fell into a #SundayFunday groove of incredible people (shout out to Ricky) and incredible art. Giving people young and old canvas, brushes and paint did amazing things to cement the “peace” ideology of the gallery and we began connecting with all age groups.

Jenn and I would tear up on the car ride home most Sunday's thinking about the people we've met and their connection to our space. We feel blessed. I feel thankful because without the idea of art on a Sunday to bring people in, I don't think I would've started creating art on my own. I want to thank every single person we've met on a Sunday. Sorry if we had to yell and holler to get you in, but so thankful you chose to listen.