One Year Anniversary

Oh my goosh you guys, it’s been a YEAR! A whole entire YEAR! Wow wow wow did that fly by fast. And look how much we accomplished as a first time business. 1) We started with a concept 2) We hustled to make it happen. 3) We were able to help and partner with 5 non profits for the year and through art we were able to give back to our community and bring awareness towards Chicago’s Homeless through We then partnered with Warp Corp for our amazing Suicide Prevention Show. We raised money for Alzheimer’s Research, Cancer Research and Schizophrenia and Depression through the BBR Foundation. Ending the year we had one word that came to mind and that was GRATEFUL. Even for the hills and bumps, because we became stronger as a business. So much so that in our first year we were a nominee for Best Small Business in Bloomingdale through our local Bloomingdale Chamber of Commerce! Can I get a Kapow !?!? We’re a husband and wife on a mission to help others through art, while validating the talent of our community. Did we mention we have an amazing intern too? He’s the bees knees, so be sure to shout at him when you see him and tell him his graphics are on point for the Gallery! His name is John Geihsler if you want to be polite while shouting :) Enjoy some photos of our artists artwork that were represented for our Anniversary Show. I remembered this time to pick up my camera.