The King Market - Feature

I honestly can't say enough cool stuff about The King Market, I'm truly drawn to their aesthetic. It's clean, it's neutral, it's homemade. It's beautiful, it's useful and it was made with so much love.

Here at POAG we are carrying their luxurious maple and oak cutting boards, small cheese boards, candle holders, and magnetic wall frames that hold artist Kristin Ingram's fine art prints. This husband and wife duo are unstoppable. They are constantly pushing their creativity to create the next big thing, which is why it's so exciting to watch their blog, and social media feed.

When I met the duo, I was told they would be experimenting with all things wood. The newest item for them is their primitive wooden spoons, and bowls found on their personal website These are killer, with an organic vibe to them. Honestly, just stunning craftsmanship. When I'm out shopping I enjoy buying from locals, and small businesses, I appreciate the pride they exude. So this, is why I bring to you - The King Market. I know something good when I see it, and I am so happy to have had these guys on board for the Gallery's first 2 month show. So come out, give your local artists some love, and make a purchase. Cheers to being creative, and making it your life's goal!

Find them on instagram, twitter and facebook as well.