Sunday Funday 2.11.18

We accomplished another really cool Sunday here at POAG. We had visitors in with sketchbooks and canvas in hand to show off to the fellow artists coming in and demonstrating their craft with us. I snuck around with my camera and shot a few of their pieces that I enjoyed the most. You'll see these artists around more frequently I think too. Stop in next Interactive Sunday. Bring your supplies, pop a squat on the tarp or set up at a table with us. We're happy to continue to meet excited individuals. Let's continue to network!



Mini Canvas by Crafiest Tino
Landscape by Crafiest Tino

The King Market - Feature

I honestly can't say enough cool stuff about The King Market, I'm truly drawn to their aesthetic. It's clean, it's neutral, it's homemade. It's beautiful, it's useful and it was made with so much love.

Here at POAG we are carrying their luxurious maple and oak cutting boards, small cheese boards, candle holders, and magnetic wall frames that hold artist Kristin Ingram's fine art prints. This husband and wife duo are unstoppable. They are constantly pushing their creativity to create the next big thing, which is why it's so exciting to watch their blog, and social media feed.

When I met the duo, I was told they would be experimenting with all things wood. The newest item for them is their primitive wooden spoons, and bowls found on their personal website These are killer, with an organic vibe to them. Honestly, just stunning craftsmanship. When I'm out shopping I enjoy buying from locals, and small businesses, I appreciate the pride they exude. So this, is why I bring to you - The King Market. I know something good when I see it, and I am so happy to have had these guys on board for the Gallery's first 2 month show. So come out, give your local artists some love, and make a purchase. Cheers to being creative, and making it your life's goal!

Find them on instagram, twitter and facebook as well.




Sunday Funday 2.04.18

Yesterday's vibe in the gallery was beyond stellar. We had the music going, the tarp down, and our gloves on. It was time to do something fun, and interactive. We put out our "Open" sign and added "Live Art Inside" to the outside of our storefront. We welcomed people in and invited them to ask questions, as well as engage with our artwork. We're a brand new business, and the people are curious so why not devote a Sunday to just meeting our community and explaining what we're all about. We spoke of each artists work on the walls, techniques as to how certain mediums were done, private lessons, and inspirations. We were happy for all of those who came in because they had heard of us, wanted to check us out, or had read about us. Very excited to meet you all! 


Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

We would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to each of you who came to support us for our official ribbon cutting ceremony on February 1st. We were joined by Carol Stream Chamber of Commerce as well as our own Bloomingdale Chamber of Commerce, as well as other small business owners, our friends and our family. It was a joyous occasion and we were filled with so much gratitude at all the nice comments, well wishes, flowers and cards we received. So here's to being open for business, and eager to spread kindness and creativity wherever we go!

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

January 26th, Grand Opening

What a wonderful event we had. Thank you to all of those who joined us in celebrating our Grand Opening! It was such a treat for us to be able to show our friends and family our new store front sign, and our twenty four foot marketing ad we did inside Stratford Square Mall. Not to mention meet and mingle with the artists represented currently on our white walls and their friends and family. As a new business owner, artist and host it was heart warming to see artists introducing themselves to each other, asking questions about each other's processes, and perusing through all the artwork on the floor. Cheers to saying who we are, what we're here for, and building a creative brigade. 

Pins for Peace of Art


We are tickled pink that you found us! Thanks for being curious about us and digging into our blog. We are a small team, a wife with her supportive husband set out on a mission to build a creative brigade of talented local artists. Together, we can make a difference through encouraging artists of all kinds to use their creativity for good. "Art for a Cause" if you will.  We showcase artists on rotation through our simple consignment contract. In turn for our small fees, we promote your work and talk you up on the gallery floor. 

Peace of Art Gallery is a brand spanking new small business located here in Bloomingdale, IL. We are located in the Northwest Sububs outside our windy city of Chicago inside Stratford Square Mall. You'll find twenty four foot marketing on the Upper Level pointing you in the right direction of the Gallery. But in case you miss it, we're on the Upper Level, across from Express, and adjacent to Victoria Secret.

Peace of Art Gallery, later referred to as POAG is a For Profit business with a strong emphasis on a Positive Impact. We plan to use our talents to bring together our community, spread awareness and share proceeds.