Current nominee for Best Business in Bloomingdale, IL supported by our Bloomingdale Chamber of Commerce.

Peace of Art Gallery came to life through the passing of Jennifer’s father, Carlos R. Machuca. As an international business consultant, entrepreneur author, and N.Y.U lecturer he was Jennifer’s role model to say the least. When Carlos fell ill the news was suddenly Stage 4 Kidney Cancer with less than 2 months life expectancy. He said in his last month to his only daughter that she was ‘too creative’ to have not created her own job. So there it was, the best bit of advice in my life had just been given to me. The concept had been born and now it was time to practice bravery and take that leap. The key has been to look fear in its face, to work hard and to inspire those before me. “Peace of Art” was named to respect those who have lost their lives before us due to illness, mental illness and suicide. Hence why this small business chose to classify themselves as a for profit, with a positive impact. We’re paying homage to people with talent that never thought showing and selling their artwork was within their grasp and hope to inspire our audience to give back to those in need.

As artists the pair find ways to give back to the community, one awareness at a time. In just our first year we were able to highlight Cancer Research, Alzheimer’s, Depression and Schizophrenia with the B.B.R Foundation, and help 78 of Chicago’s Homeless Individuals through live painting for Give A Box. Our biggest showcase so far was towards prevention of suicide and opioid abuse with a local non for profit called Warp Corp that runs a skateboard park and teaches leadership. We called that skateboard show IMPACT; inspire.

Jennifer and Jeff consign local artists, mentor when needed, and embrace the young with the old.