Hi there. My name is Jennifer. I am the owner and creator of Peace of Art Gallery L.L.C. I am the force behind selling your artwork, promoting you as an artist, and spreading the positive mission I have felt I was put her to do.

Let's start with a little about me. I am half Chilean, Belgium born but primarily North Carolina raised. I have lived an eclectic life where I had the honor of traveling to multiple countries because of my dad's job in International Business Management with a loving and supporting family. I was automatically enrolled in my Father's "Never Give Up" program as a child therefore my mentality is professional, genuine, radiant and business oriented. 

As a child, I loved drawing. When we lived in Australia I still have vivid memories of the pastel colored sheets of paper I was always given. I constantly drew the same thing, rainbows, bunnies, and family portraits as if we were all Kings and Queens.  My brothers all got allowances, and I asked for pieces of paper in the number of dollars they got. Later I learned how to better my negotiation skills! From elementary school I was privately tutored in Art, in middle school I was the Art Teacher's Assistant then continued as an Art Assistant once I transferred into a private academy focused on college prep. In college I was pretty lucky to have an art teacher who never closed his doors. The studio was always open, and I soaked it up like a sponge and later received our college's Gus Hinton Art Award. As an artist now out of school I dabble in all areas. I once modeled, was a wardrobe stylist and now have picked up my own camera. Creativity runs through my blood and I am always learning and figuring out new methods in my own mediums. Typically now I paint with coffee (yes I drink a little then paint a little!) I have gone as far as to experiment with sugar, whiskey and red wine as well. My primary focus on art is abstract with a lot of emotion involved. 

Our Story

Peace of Art Gallery evolved off a piece of advice I was given before my dad died from Kidney Cancer. He told me I was too creative to be clocking in and clocking out of my current management job. He said to me, "Why haven't created your own job? "  The words penetrated me. He was onto something, but I had to put fear behind me, and learn how to take a risk. It was gut wrenching, I won't lie! But my passion for art, mentoring, and helping other's fueled me and also helped to heal me while obtaining all of the licenses that come with having your own business. Within two weeks, I was writing my first business plan after his death, found a retail space, and signed the lease with no turning back. It's my heart that opened even more after such a devastating loss of a parent, especially when my other parent has had Alzheimer's now for almost 9 years. 

I have always been one that believes I was born with extra empathy for others. Lending a hand and being kind to strangers was just how I was raised and it's something I've never had to think twice about. But it was then and there when my dad died in October of 2017 that I knew that I needed to create a way to honor my humanitarian parents, and carry that same mentality into creating my own business.

My mission with this business is to encourage and mentor artists, to promote and help those feel valued in their work and creative expression, and to find ways to help our community, spread awareness and to let my voice be heard.